Current Campaigns


Driver Safety

Police reaction to incidents, ongoing talks with DfT and Safety Groups.

Criminal Record Check delays

Home Office inquiry following LPHCA pressure

Parking, picking up & setting down

Success in Bromley, work progressing with Westminster City Council and other Local Authorities

DVLA Group 2 – Silly Medical & Eyesight Requirements

Part Success – Ongoing work in hand

Cross Border / Subcontracting

Now part of the Law Commission Review complete our online survey form by Clicking Here

Voluntary Drivers / Community Transport

LPHCA has written to DfT and others awaiting responses and legal advice. The Government, the Office of Fair Trading and others are being lobbied by the LPHCA.

Loophole Closure and Licensing Requirements

Fighting for enforcement at Events and for Intermediaries, Facilitators & Platforms – Ongoing, in legal and other talks with Local Authorities and work providers / interested parties.

The Olympics

LPHCA Members and Steve Wright regularly attending Olympic Transport Planning and Communication Meetings. Presentations to LPHCA Members at the AGM, Road Shows and Meetings to continue.

Bus Lane Usage

Reviewing the effectiveness of campaigns by others to secure access.

Delays getting drivers

Working for the removal of artificial barriers of entry for the trade and preventing new ones being brought in.

Equality Act 2010

Being assessed for impact on LPHCA Members


TfL TPH consultation

20 page response submitted

TfL TPH’s Licensing Management of Drivers & Vehicles

Ongoing – Part Success

TfL TPH’s Operator’s Licences

In progress - New Grading system

TfL TPH’s Specialist & Adapted Vehicles New Regulations

New proposals agreed, Click Here to view

TfL TPH’s Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Fees

Driver and Operator Fees Frozen for a third year


Arrests continue following reporting by LPHCA members

Improving Traffic Flow

Working with Mayor and TfL (Traffic Speed Improving)

London Political Work

Recent talks with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, London TravelWatch. Talks planned with the Greater London Assembly, the Mayor’s Advisors and the Department for Transport.

TfL TPH’s whistle stop tours of LPHCA Members Operator’s

Some undertaken, some arranged and more planned.