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Platinum Membership

Platinum Membership

Platinum Membership is awarded to LPHCA Graded Members who support the LPHCA’s work financially over and above the basic membership cost. All extra income from Platinum Membership is used to fund the Association’s Staffing, Political and Legal Work.

At our Platinum Meetings the Platinum Members voted to raise the LPHCA’s Profile and activities by prioritising the 20 burning issues & topics facing the industry. All Platinum Members oversee the actions of sub committees and panels, which in turn are managed by elected chairs and Platinum Members are also invited to Meetings, Dinners and Special Events, which are not available to standard members.

The late Bill Edwards of Brunel proposed (and Members agreed) to a suggested donation for Operators of £10.00 per driver per annum, which equates to less than 20p per driver per week. This is a suggestion and companies can donate more or less as appropriate, some Platinum Members have in fact kindly donated considerably over and above this amount.

If you are not yet an LPHCA Member you must become a Graded Member to qualify for Platinum Membership, if you wish to do this please click here.

If you are an LPHCA Graded Member and you wish to be awarded Platinum Membership, please e-mail Office@LPHCA.co.uk and ask for how to become a Platinum Member.